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Life is too short to waste your time letting drug addiction control you. You deserve all the happiness the world has to offer, but you will never be able to achieve your dreams when you are addicted to drugs. To find the path you were meant to travel, you need to seek help from drug rehab centers. When you come to Bearing Institute and enter our Temple, Texas drug rehab facility, you will have access to every resource you need to stop using drugs and to start embracing sobriety.


Custom Rehab Experience

When you come to our addiction treatment center in Temple, Texas, you will be provided with a customized recovery program. Using the huge range of addiction treatment resources we have at our disposal, we will craft a treatment program for you that is ideal for your recovery needs. While you are in the addiction recovery program, we will periodically adjust your treatment so that you can continue making good progress along the road to recovery.


Detox Center for the Ideal Withdrawal Experience

One of the trickiest things about getting clean is that withdrawal can be difficult to handle. If you try to get clean without seeking the help you need, you are almost certainly doomed to failure. It is a much better idea to come to our Temple, Texas substance abuse treatment facility. Inside our drug detox clinic, you will find that withdrawal is not as bad as it is when you face it alone. Our caring staff will monitor you closely during detox, ensuring you are safe and comfortable every moment.


Making Sure You Feel Safe

At our Temple, Texas addiction treatment facility, client safety is our top priority. We monitor every aspect of the addiction recovery program to ensure our clients are always safe. When you are inside our drug rehab facility, we will make any necessary adjustments you need to ensure you feel safe. When you feel secure during rehab, you will find it is much easier to open up and share the deep thoughts and feelings you need to bring into the light to achieve a successful addiction recovery.


Group Therapy is Crucial

One of the most critical parts of addiction treatment is group therapy. We embrace the power of the group in our addiction recovery center in Temple, Texas. Our group leaders are trained experts who guide our clients effectively during group discussion. Every client is assured an equal opportunity to participate, ensuring everyone benefits from their time in group.


Dual Diagnosis for Addiction Recovery and Mental Health

One of the troubling things about mental illness is that drug addiction often co-occurs with it. At our Temple, Texas addiction recovery facility, we provide mental health treatment for every client who needs it. You will undergo a mental health evaluation when you arrive at the treatment center. This is necessary to ensure that your recovery is not jeopardized by any untreated mental health issues.


Aftercare Help

It is oftentimes a challenging transition from the structured environment of rehab to the open environment of the outside world. The freedom and temptations on the outside are difficult to face without help. When you leave our Temple, Texas addiction recovery facility, you will be enrolled in an aftercare program. Our aftercare provides you with the necessary structure to support you as you learn how to live your life the sober way.


Getting clean is difficult, but getting help from drug rehab centers makes the mission much easier to accomplish. When you come to our substance abuse treatment facility in Temple, Texas, the wealth of treatment resources you have access to allows you to discover the treatment plan that works right for you. Our caring staff members will blow you away with the quality of care they provide. To stop using drugs, you need to seek help. Come to Bearing Institute for all the help you need to achieve recovery.